These speedy smart shoes double your walking speed

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In a revolutionary breakthrough, Shift Robotics has introduced “Moonwalkers,” a combination of shoes and motorized skates designed to enhance walking speed by an astonishing 250%. This innovative technology does not require additional energy input and comes at a price point of around $1,400.

The concept behind Moonwalkers was born out of a near-accident experienced by Xunjie Zhang, the mechanical engineer and founder of Shift Robotics. Zhang narrowly avoided a collision while commuting to work on a scooter, which inspired him to create a solution that would improve personal mobility safely and efficiently.

Each pair of Moonwalkers weighs just 4.2 pounds, featuring eight wheels that attach securely to standard shoes. Activation is achieved through a simple lift and twist motion of the heel, followed by placing it back onto the ground. Deactivating the device requires the same action.

Thanks to integrated sensors, Moonwalkers analyze individual walking patterns, and advanced AI algorithms adjust the rotational speed of the wheels accordingly. As a result, users can enjoy significantly increased walking speeds, reaching up to seven miles per hour on average. It’s important to note that these enhanced speeds are only achievable when the wearer is actively moving, ensuring a safe and seamless experience even across rough urban terrains.

With a range of approximately 6.5 miles and the ability to fully recharge within 90 minutes using a USB-C charger, Moonwalkers offer impressive convenience and practicality. Shift Robotics plans to launch the product in the United States this coming summer, offering individuals an unparalleled mode of transportation that promises to change the way they move.