Commercial and Residential Plumbing for You

Sat 09 June 2018

Eagle plumbers Auckland is located in the North Shore of Auckland in New Zealand and is a long- established company that provides plumbing, gas fitting and drain laying services. The staff of the above company take part in frequent training programs so that they are aware of the latest skills and standard which are a part of their industry. 

The company mainly caters for residential plumbing as well as new commercial projects and the maintenance of such commercial projects. The staff obviously take pride in achieving the satisfaction of their clients and are in regular contact with them as well. 

However, whenever there is no work available throughout the week, the entire team does literally turn into a chilled- out mode and also engage themselves in extra curricular activities- like charity work as well as wakeboarding, snowboarding and surfing.

In terms of maintenance plumbing, the staff of the above company uses GPS to track down the locations of their clients in order to solve burst pipes and related issues. The staff does request that the client ought to send photos of the burst pipes in order to arrive with the necessary parts to solve the above issue. There is no travel charge and the member(s) of staff do arrive on time without fail.

When it comes to gas fitting, the staff of the above company provides comprehensive services when fitting and repairing appliances like gas stoves, barbeques, hot water systems and heaters. The staff provide satisfying services to both commercial and residential clients throughout Auckland.

Again, Eagle Plumbing provides gas fitting and plumbing services to commercial clients as well and provide a top- quality service starting from the quote to installation, maintenance and inspection. Apparently, the above company has been providing such services to commercial clients for about 10 years.

With regard to hot water cylinders, the above company lays out choices for water cylinders as per the budget of the client, as well as regularly engages in the repairing and maintaining of new as well as faulty hot water cylinders. Again they have a range of models to choose from as to suit the needs and budget of the client.